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Salem: I Want to Hear You Say It :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 0 My Disability: Sleep 2014 08 ~ 2016 12 Large :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 0 Vanhi Michaels :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 2 20170103 Eye050x New Icon :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 0 0 20170103 Eye100x New Icon :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 3 0 Bucky (for fursona contest) :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 2
Mature content
Nightmare Grotto R2 Page 14~16 :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 2
Nightmare Grotto R2 Page 11~13 :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 0 Nightmare Grotto R2 Page 8~10 :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 1 Prescription Gas Mask :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 0 0
Mature content
Nightmare Grotto R2 Page 03~07 :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 6
Nightmare Grotto R2 Page 02
It had been a long time since Amara had slept so well, and a great deal longer for Garfield.
Garfield felt like Hades, having stolen Persephone away from Demeter, resting in comfort as the world froze.
Then again, it made more sense for his step-mother to be Demeter, as she was keeping him away from Amara, but that would make him Persephone, despite being dressed as Cerberus.
Also, they had been tricked into eating food that trapped them here, which would make the butler the imp demon-creature that fed the seeds to Persephone.
Garfield was perhaps three quarters finished with his elaborate metaphor when the loud iconic howl of the shadow wolves startled him, and Amara shifted to knock him off what he was only now realizing were not pillows.
“Flood,” Amara intoned.
“Flood?” Garfield asked.  He still only heard the wolves.
“The wolves, they're calling everyone to higher ground,” she said.  “The castle is going to flood.”
:iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 2
Nightmare Grotto R2 Page 01
The silence was heavy, but Cedra endeavored to break it.
“I feel bad about Marshall,” she said.
Cyn stopped, she'd been dreading this topic.
“We both feel bad about Marshall,” Cyn said.
“Then why...” Cedra began.
“You saw how afraid he was,” Cyn interrupted.  “He was terrified of us, of what we might do.  He was too emotional.”
Cedra glared ever so slightly.
“You know I don't mean it like that,” Cyn said.  “There's something about this place, something in the air.  Something that... ah!”
Cyn clutched her wrist in pain and dropped to her knees.
“Cyn!” Cedra cried.
Cyn looked at her hand, contorting unnaturally, and smoldering in agony.
“The ring,” Cyn gasped.  “It hurts, Cedra.”
Then the pain lessened.  Cyn's vision cleared.  Her finger, no longer trapped with gold, was burnt black and brown.
“Where's...” Cyn said.
Cedra h
:iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 0
Nightmare Grotto R2 00 Cover Page :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 2 Nightmare Grotto Round 1 Page 8 :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 0 Nightmare Grotto Round 1 Page 7 :iconjjoseph:JJoseph 1 1


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Salem: I Want to Hear You Say It
This has a bit of a story to it.  I've long been an avid shipper, just in general, so when Salem was introduced at the end of Volume 3, that's where my mind went.  But I had no idea who she was, and I actually thought she was Cinder at first, having undergone some changes.

Fast forward to Volume 4 and she gets a name.  Salem.  Evidently she's also the narrator, but I'm unsure how much of that is the character and how much is sharing a voice actor.

Anyway, first appearance in Volume 4 Salem spends some time talking with Cinder and a host of new characters, and I noticed she repeatedly came to Cinder's defense against a new character, so I thought, there.  There's the ship, Salem and Cinder.  I finished most of the fanart when something counter to my work happened.  Cinder and Salem got a second scene together, more/less alone together, and their behavior dynamic did not reflect my interpretation of the first time.  The first time, Salem came to Cinder's defense, and I interpreted that as affection for Cinder, and my fanart reflected that.  The second time made clear that Salem's not really the affectionate type, that was more so Salem disciplining the guy roasting Cinder, not Salem coming to Cinder's aid.

And so, take two.  I'm not about to abandon ship just 'cause it's got some holes in it, but despite my best wishes, there's probably no chance for this to be canon.  Not unless I missed something major... and I do need to catch up on episodes.
Well, I just logged into my YouTube account and the front page showed me tips on programming with legacy code and softcore adult-oriented Undertale fanart.
The internet knows everything there is to know about me.

I've having flashbacks from Southpark Season 19 when he says "you know what I want" to the computer and personalized ads show up.
My Disability: Sleep 2014 08 ~ 2016 12 Large
I have a sleep disorder, called a non-24 sleep/wake cycle.  It's a circadian rhythm disorder, and it doesn't respond to treatment.  This graph here was made by compiling 28 months of data in a convenient, easy to read format.  It has a few errors because of daylight savings time, but overall it's quite accurate.
Black lines indicate when I was asleep.
I dunno, I just find it fascinating to look at, though I feel to the rest of the world it is about as compelling as a new parent's chart for the circumference of their baby's cranium.  I have another chart for amount of time spent asleep, but I think one chart is more than enough for the deviantart community.
This also functions as an explanation for my sporadic availability.  Can't be online if I'm not awake.
Vanhi Michaels
Here's my OC for :iconcircle-of-shadows:.
Occupation:  Assasin (former)
27 years old
Weapon: mostly poison, often darts or needles.
Abilities: Stealth, she was a competent assassin.  Climbing, infiltration, disguise, typical assassin stuff.  Experienced at body dismemberment/disposal.

Weaknesses: Missing a lung, runs out of breath quickly.  Limps when not consciously suppressing it.  Has a metal chain embedded in her left side, unable to remove it safely.  Pathological fear of birds, namely ravens, hawks, and eagles.

Faction: Wake of Vultures

Bio: Vanhi was a successful assassin, known for dispatching her targets with the utmost discretion.  Earning trust when possible.  Then she picked a bad job.  Her target was a wizard who, with his dying breath, launched a chain into Vanhi's gut, puncturing her left lung and almost killing her.  Barber Surgeon Dora Faust saved her life, removing much of the chain and cleaning the wound, but the chain links wrapped around her ribs and spine, preventing a full recovery.  The chain is mostly invisible, covered in skin, but she prevents people from engaging in close examination.

She joined the Wake of Vultures shortly after her injury, and is slowly liquidating the various assets she acquired from her targets.

She is always in disguise.  The scar along her right eye is fake, and her red hair is a wig.  (Her real hair is black, and she cuts it short.)

Personality: Cautious, quiet.  Vanhi prefers to have a plan on how to kill everyone she meets, though since she quit assassination she doesn't follow through.  Morbid sense of humor, when not disguised she avoids showing emotion, so her jokes tend to sound serious.
Well, I just logged into my YouTube account and the front page showed me tips on programming with legacy code and softcore adult-oriented Undertale fanart.
The internet knows everything there is to know about me.

I've having flashbacks from Southpark Season 19 when he says "you know what I want" to the computer and personalized ads show up.


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